Monday, July 15, 2013

Suzi & David Mathis- The BIG Day

Ring Bearers from Sami’s photography page. I am so happy Liam and Wyatt get along and love each other. Liam came into our lives when he was Wyatt’s age now, so I love him like flesh and blood. I am glad there is another ray of sunshine in my life and one more nephew to spoil in addition to my nephews Jake and Ben and my niece Rivers is just icing on the cake.


From my new SIL, Becky. She’s David’s sister.


Pink and gray and zebra stripes everywhere!


And we’re the three best friends that anyone could have!!!


Ringbearer footballs with special messages written on the back



Jonathan is the closest thing to a brother we could have without blood. He was recently ordained as the church’s family minister and he officiated the wedding. This was his first one!








Suzi and Nanny. They were both stunning that day!


Okay, here is my big, huge, ugly crying face. Suzi sprung a huge surprise on everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, by professing vows to Liam and presenting him with his own wedding ring (a Ring Pop). She reminded Sami and me to have Ring Pops in our pockets in case the boys fidgeted up on stage about a million times. We couldn’t figure out why until she asked for one and knelt down in front of Liam. She promised to love him like her own son, always know that David was his Daddy before he was Suzi’s husband, and to let him have a say in any of his future siblings’ naming, and so forth. I can’t remember all of it because I was having an emotional breakdown. Ohmygosh, I’m tearing up writing about it. There was not a dry eye in the house. I am so glad someone got a shot of this and put it on their wedding Instagram hash tag. Sami even won a $5 bet with David because he swore he wouldn’t cry, but he teared up so much with this. He had no clue Suzi was doing it.


Finally pronounced Mr. & Mrs. David Mathis. I love how Liam was able to walk out with them.


SIL Amanda made this gorgeous cake!


We had a wonderful wedding hairdresser and even after I took out the bobby pins and brushed my hair it was huge and curly.



I am so glad Suzi gave me another brother-in-law. David is the best and he is so good to her. I am so thankful to know she is loved and is taken care of. I can’t wait for all the good things they can expect: their first home, their babies in addition to Liam, long happy lives!


Suzi and Daddy peeking out of the window in the cry room before the ceremony.


Faith was the designated Wyatt wrangler for the day. She kept tabs on him and basically was the bombdiggity in keeping him entertained. Even when he wouldn’t stop chatting during the opening prayer during the ceremony, she whisked him to the nursery.


Here is our first sneak peek from the pro photographer. Sami got a lot of shots during the day, but Carla Whitley was the best to work with all day.


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