Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th at Mexico Beach

Just a warning, this is a picture-heavy post because I didn’t want to drag it out into several posts Smile
Justin, Wyatt, and I traveled to Mexico Beach last week and stayed with my sister- and brother-in law, their three kids, and Justin’s parents. We stayed in Amanda and Michael’s camper and the kids all stayed with Grandma and Pa. Look what was waiting for us in our “deluxe camper suite”:
Amanda bought Andes mints, had a candle lit, and a cold Dr. Pepper waiting on us when we got there! It was so cool.
Wyatt got to have spend-the-night parties every night with Grandma, Pa, Jake, Ben, & Rivers. I think he had a blast!
When we got there on Tuesday night, we took advantage of the beach and poor Wyatt had a case of a full moon—his swim trunks were way too big!
 IMG_6810 IMG_6867 
We found some smaller swim trunks but it turned out we didn’t need them for the next two days. It rained—NON-STOP—all of Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a lot more of the same, but we still found some fun stuff to keep us busy and we were even rewarded with a big rainbow.
These new life jackets with the swimmies built in are FAB-U-LOUS!!! Wyatt was jumping right into the pool like a little fish.
 IMG_6959 IMG_6970
He loved seeing the aquarium at the sporting goods store—he kept looking for Nemo.
 IMG_6990 IMG_6999  IMG_7016
On Friday, we went out scalloping despite the rain showers. We didn’t find any, but we had a good time looking nonetheless.
  IMG_7059 IMG_7061 IMG_7099 IMG_7100
We were woken up Saturday morning with Grandma and Pa and Wyatt banging on the door at 7:15. The sun was shining and we were heading down to the BEACH!!!
We fed the seagulls crackers and Riv and Wy liked chasing them around.
This is one of my favorite shots: Wyatt and Pa feeding the birds.
We also went out that night shell hunting at a little secluded beach. Wyatt ended up au natural in his birthday suit after jumping in the water with all of his clothes on.
IMG_7259 IMG_7293
Jake, Ben, and Riv even found this crab skittering about.
 IMG_7298 IMG_7305
What’s July 4th without some sparklers? We enjoyed some highly supervised sparkler and TNT popper action too!
IMG_7315 IMG_7327  
On the way home we stopped at Whataburger in Thomasville. I think they need a new spokesperson, amiright?!

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