Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly recap

Wyatt’s curls are back with a vengeance—especially with this crazy summer humidity.
IMG_6503 IMG_6511
We have an old apple barrel for Wyatt’s toys in our living room, but lately he likes dumping them out and standing in it. He looks like a little Niagara Falls daredevil.IMG_6509
Justin bought some fresh pork belly and cured and smoked his own bacon. He cooked some up fresh Saturday morning for us!
Wyatt and Liam have been spending some quality cousin time tearing up some fresh GA watermelons.
Suzi, Sami, Mama, another bridesmaid and I worked on wedding crafts. There is glitter everywhere on my Mama and Daddy’s back porch now!
Lastly, we went swimming at Mama and Daddy’s house on Saturday and realized Jeb loves the pool! When we went to Justin’s mama and daddy’s house on Sunday, we didn’t want Jeb to get in a tear a hole in the liner, so Justin and I gave Wyatt, Jeb, and Sophie a redneck boat with an inch or two of water in it for the pups to cool off. Wyatt thought he was too cool!

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