Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June fun

My sister Sami, Jonathan, and Amy took Wyatt and his friend Gael to Jumpin’ Jacks for a little summer fun. Here are some pics I stole from Sami’s FB:

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We have spent a ton of time at the splash pad near our house. It is so convenient to walk less than a block for some cooling down!

IMG_6266 IMG_6267

Got one of those elusive pics of the four cousins all at once:


Gael’s Mickey Mouse birthday party was so much fun. We had some really great authentic Mexican food.

IMG_6314 IMG_6321 IMG_6326 IMG_6330

Wyatt’s getting the hang of using the big boy potty and we got him some cool new Cars undies.


Our canned veggie stock is growing. Justin has been putting up green beans, potatoes, strawberry preserves, and lots and lots of pickles.


Wyatt’s adorable art from school:


Popsicles on the front porch are the best on hot afternoons:


Lastly, check out that curly swoop of bangs!


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