Thursday, April 25, 2013

Suzi’s First Shower

I was proud to help host my middle sister’s first bridal shower. I took an unusual approach but we had lots of fun.
A new trend taking over our area is sign painting parties where participants paint themed metal door signs for various holidays and seasons. With Justin and my SIL Amanda’s help, we cut out twelve different shapes that were relevant to each of the months of the year and let each guest paint a personalized sign for Suzi and David’s new house. We had a blast!
IMG_4997 IMG_5037
I cut out a few extra signs in case we had more than 12 participants, so we let Liam (Suzi’s future stepson) paint a sign for his new room.
Suzi and David are die hard Atlanta Braves and Georgia Bulldogs fans so we had to make sure we represented them well for spring and fall. Mine was the football.
IMG_5009 IMG_5032 IMG_5026IMG_5038IMG_5040IMG_5045 IMG_5043
Here are all twelve and Liam’s lined up in month order.

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