Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meet Jeb


Jeb is the Cook family’s newest member clocking in at 6 weeks old. He is a blue heeler and we are all smitten with him, Wyatt especially. We initially had some moments where jealousy was a factor, but Wyatt is coming to accept Jeb as his new best buddy and things are going well.IMG_3511 IMG_3373 IMG_3382 IMG_3388 IMG_3402 IMG_3408 IMG_3410 IMG_3417IMG_3425 

We repurposed an old play pen to keep him reigned in when we are at work. He’s doing well in there and is handling the housebreaking process nicely. He only piddles on the puppy pads over night or when we are gone during the day and takes care of business outside when necessary. He will eventually be an outside dog, but he is too small and it is far to cold to let him bear the elements full time. I’m sure this little guy will get much face time in front of the camera with Wyatt!


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