Monday, March 18, 2013

March Miscellany

March has been busy and full of lots of small activities. I dyed my hair back to its natural color. The blonde was nice but it was too much upkeep and I didn’t relish the thought of spending two hours pulling my hair through a cap every 4-5 weeks (yes my hair really does grow that fast!).
 IMG_3601 IMG_3614
Jeb has doubled in size over the month that we have had him. He loves checking out Ouisa and Clairee in the back yard in the afternoons.
Wyatt likes his daddy’s clown nose.
IMG_3624 IMG_3631
It’s strawberry season in South Georgia and we made it out to our favorite family farm, Calhoun Produce, for fresh berries, strawberry lemonade (go ahead and just buy the whole gallon), and watching the animals in the barn yard.
 IMG_3647 IMG_3651 IMG_3678 
After Calhoun's, we took strawberry lemonade and berries to Justin at the fire department. Wyatt loves playing on the fire truck.
IMG_3707 IMG_3716 IMG_3721
Wyatt’s favorite afternoon activity (besides riding the four-wheeler with Justin in the yard) is getting pulled around in his Radio Flyer wagon my sister Sami restored for him for Christmas last year. Jeb usually complies with Wyatt’s demand to ride for about one hot minute and then he jumps out. Just long enough for me to snap a few quick pics.

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