Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hunter Cattle Company

Justin, Wyatt, and I visited Hunter Cattle’s family fun day last weekend. They have a really neat setup and kids of all ages would have plenty to see and do while there. We spent a good three hours checking out the fun:

100_1706 100_1708 100_1710 100_1719 100_1722 100_1729 100_1742 100_1747 100_1753 100_1772 

Hunter Cattle has grass fed beef, pastured pork, chickens, and turkeys so we got two big steaks to go on the grill when we got home that night.

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Jessie Barber said...


It was so great to have y'all out on the farm! So glad you came. Thanks so much for posting about us; we greatly appreciate it! Would you mind if we used it on our website?

Thanks so much!

Jessie Barber
Hunter Cattle Company