Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter fun at the Rock Ranch


This past weekend, Justin, Wyatt, Mama, Daddy, and I went to The Rock Ranch in The Rock, Georgia (It’s a real town, I promise!). One the way up we stopped at the hotel furniture liquidation store Rhoda posted about here.

***SIDE NOTE*** After reading her post, I stopped there one day after a work event and snagged this huge (2 1/2’ x 5’) mirror for $29. It’s awesome!


IMG_6624 IMG_6632

Wyatt demonstrated his strong man skills!

The weather was terrible the entire ride up to TRR but thankfully it cleared up. We had a good time. Wyatt didn’t hunt any Easter eggs because he’s still a bit too small and we didn’t want him crawling around on the muddy ground. We had a great time though!

  IMG_6637 IMG_6651 IMG_6649  IMG_6664 

About that last pic, Mama did a great job of cutting me out, but let me assure you, I was right there to catch my little Weeble if he looked like he was about to slip.

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