Monday, March 26, 2012

Fire Ant Festival Time

IMG_6580 IMG_6505 

We had the Fire Ant Festival this past weekend and boy are we tired! Justin cooked in his first Florida BBQ Association cook and it was all great. We didn’t get a chance to take home one of these awesome trophies, but there’s always next year!


IMG_6496 IMG_6485

We had some of our favorite folks come visit for the weekend also. On the left, our friends Sharon and Rusty from Australia. They’re posed in the middle between Mama and Daddy. Also, my Aunt Kimmie and my cousin Steven got to visit from New Jersey.

  IMG_6481 IMG_6469  IMG_6428 IMG_6422 IMG_6413 IMG_6436

On Sunday, Sami and I went to watch The Hunger Games. This movie blew me away. It was a hundred times better than I could have ever expected, especially since I basically have a silver plated copy of the trilogy on a pedestal the size of my house.

Sadly and excitedly at the same time, Wyatt took his first step while I was gone. I am so glad Justin was there to be able to see it, but I wish I hadn’t missed it. He’s growing up way too fast!

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