Friday, December 30, 2011

Wax melts


Have you tried the wax warmers that are all the rage these days? These are my latest addiction and I cannot help picking up a few every time I stop in the store.

I know there is a home-based business (with a really cute name!) that uses low wattage light bulbs to melt their wax, but I use a cheap warmer that uses tea lights to warm mine.

I was scoping out the after-Christmas sales at Wally World and found that the Better Homes and Gardens melts were on sale for $1 and I stocked up. Justin has put me on a wax melt buying restriction until I burn through the ones I already have.

My favorite one is an off-brand called Wild Thing. It has a subtle, light non-food scent that is perfect for making my home or office smell nice and fresh.

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