Thursday, December 29, 2011

My iPhone App Recommendations, part 2

I always get excited when I see a friend with an iPhone. Usually my first question is, “Do you have any cool apps to tell me about?” I found several folks who had boards on Pinterest about the apps they recommend and even a whole iPhone Mom blog for apps that moms can load on their phones for their kids.

I have a LOT of apps on my phone. They are almost all completely free and they might be less than great, but I keep them in case I need them some day. Here are mine:

Honey Sugah Dahlin iPhone Recommendation 3

1. Skype- This came in handy when my sister was in Italy. I was able to Skype with her on-the-go and didn’t have to be tied down to a home computer or wi-fi.

2. Red Laser is a great app that scans QR codes and barcodes. It will scan barcodes and find the best price in the area and online. This is great for big-purchase technology items, major baby items, and even diapers and formula for us. I wouldn’t recommend it for regular groceries, but it has saved us a good deal of money in the past few months.

3. NORAD Santa tracker, for the kiddos to see where Santa is on Christmas Eve.

4. White Noice, for my hubbs when we travel. He can’t sleep without some background noise and hotels don’t have ceiling fans like we do at home.

5. Shape Shift- fun game

6. Pocket Whip- this one is funny. Move your phone like you’re cracking a whip and the sound projects. It’s funny to say, “Hey baby, get me some tea,” and flick it. Justin and I get a kick out of trying to do that with a serious face and seeing people’s reactions. {WE DON’T ACTUALLY TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE THAT}

7. Angry Birds- Unless you live in a deep, dark place you know what this is. I downloaded the free versions, but Justin ponied up the $0.99 for the full version and beat it in a single day on a particularly slow day at the fire department.

8. This is where I file away the photography apps that I’ve downloaded and don’t really use. They MIGHT come in handy one day but I rarely access them.

9. Be Funky is a cool photo editor that lets you put cool effects on pictures. I use it less frequently since I’ve started drinking the Instagram Kool-Aid but it’s still good to use.

 Honey Sugah Dahlin iPhone Recommendation 4

1. Cut the Rope- fun little mindless game

2. Blogger- I don’t usually blog on the fly but it’s okay to get a quick wordy post put up in a pinch.

3. I downloaded Tango because my SIL doesn’t have Skype for some reason on her tablet.

4. Monster Apps- this app gives you other apps for free once a day. Most of the time they are games. I usually download the app of the day and delete them right away but I have gotten a few on there I really like. Sometimes the free apps become paid apps after a day or so, so get them while they’re free.

5. Bouncy Nuts is a prime example of #4. I got this free and it’s a pretty fun little mindless game to waste some time.

6. Songify lets you speak words and it auto-tunes and sets it to a beat. BAM! You’re Ke-dollar sign-HA (QUICK- Glee pop culture reference here!)

 Honey Sugah Dahlin iPhone Recommendation 5

1. Zinio is my digital magazine reader. I have gotten free subscriptions for Cosmo and Seventeen over the past month so this makes reading them much easier. Trust me on this one- this is way better on the iPad.

2. Find iPhone is an Apple app that you set up on a computer. It allows you to remotely make your iPhone send out an audible alert even if your phone is on vibrate. So that phone that’s wiggled its way into the couch cushions? Found! It also has a remote wipe function if you have sensitive data on your phone and it’s stolen.

3. Fruit Ninja is my latest addiction in the phone gaming world. I downloaded the free versions. Trust me. It’s every bit as addicting as Angry Birds!

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