Thursday, October 6, 2011


I religiously collect Huggies and Pampers points from the ten million packages of diapers we go through with Wyatt and enter them on the respective sites for their rewards programs. Wyatt tends to be a Pampers man because that’s what Justin can get at a super discount through his work, so the only Huggies points I have are from diapers we received as gifts at showers. Thinking I would never collect enough points for anything substantial with the Huggies rewards program, I redeemed the points for instant win sweepstakes for a $100 Amazon gift card.


Wonder of all wonders, the screen popped up that I was an instant winner! I got an email just a few hours later with my gift code for my Amazon credit, went shopping, and have even received confirmation that my items have shipped, all in less than 24 hours.


Of course, I can’t tell you what I bought because I might have picked up a few things for Christmas.

In other good news, the fantabulous Otter Box that Justin uses to protect his iPhone was on super-duper sale yesterday at Amazon. It was only $17 {normally $50} so I couldn’t pass it up. There’s nothing wrong with how his works now, but he did get a little paint splattered on it, so I just went ahead and ordered it.

It was a pretty fun experience. I don’t usually win anything so I don’t enter contests, but like the saying goes, “You can’t win anything if you don’t try.”

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