Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Georgia National Fair



Growing up, we always referred to the Georgia National Fair as the Perry Fair. I think everyone still does for the most part. Justin and I loaded up Wyatt and met Mama, Suzi and Sami at the fair on Sunday and we had a great time!


Isn’t he so cute with those red sneakers? I call them his baby Chucks.

My favorite part was in the poultry exhibit. Wyatt’s new fun thing is growling at everything. I think it’s pretty much the earliest form of talking he knows how to do. He sounded ominous and when I held the baby chick for him to look at he held it right up to his mouth after growling at it. We joked about them being baby chicken nuggets.

IMG_3242  IMG_3252  IMG_3254  IMG_3256 

The baby moo cow liked Wyatt too. He spilled some of his bottle on his pants and the calf tried licking it off his pants.


One of the best things I have to say was the baby comfort station provided by a local Baptist association. They provided a tent with four changing stations and a private room for mothers to feed their babies. Let me tell you that as a breastfeeding mother, it is wonderful to have a space like that. Wyatt would have been okay with bottles all day, but it was nice not to have to haul everything back to the car to feed him after a few long hours.

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Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

I love the GA Nat'l Fair!! My cousins live in Perry and we used to go every year growing up, but it's been years since we've been back to the fair. Wyatt is so cute with those little chicks!!