Monday, October 17, 2011

Georgia Mountains Getaway, Part 1

This past Thursday, we took off to visit the north Georgia mountains for a little three-day/two-night vacation.

As a side note, I have decided to whip myself into shape and run the local 5K at the Fireant Festival in March, so we stopped at the Nike Outlet to pick up some new kicks and a Nike+ iPhone transmitter. I scored the deal of the month when I realized my shoes were only $22! The transmitter was only $19, so I got the whole kit ‘n caboodle for less than $50.



We stayed at a cute little inn in Jasper, Georgia called the Woodbridge Inn. Appropriately enough, it was just over a wood bridge.

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Sorry for the crappy pictures. I still haven’t managed the having-a-baby-and-getting-decent-pictures maneuver.

The Inn was nice enough, but the dinner was far from impressive. Perhaps my tastes are just not as refined as they should have been. The chef, born and raised at the Inn, was a third place finalist for The Next Food Network Star. Justin and I would consider staying there again (the price was unbeatable!) but would definitely skip the restaurant.

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Bella Michelle said...

Small world here in blogland! I grew up in Jasper and spent a great deal of my childhood at the Woodbridge as my best friend also grew up in the Inn (she was Han's [the Chef] older sister. Sadly we lost her to breast cancer almost 8 years ago. I have so many great memories, as back then the family actually lived upstairs from the restaurant. There was always something exciting going on there for us as children. Your mountain get away brought back lots of great memories. We love Ellijay in the fall too! This year all of my kiddos have said they kind of miss the North GA mountains in fall as we haven't made a trip since July. (((hugs)))